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The hands-free clean catch. 

Meet the FloGO. The first ever hands-free clean catch. The most efficient way to take an uncontaminated urine sample from nappy wearers and incontinent patients.

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The FloGo urine collection device is patented - UK Patent No 2609692

About Us

Innovating for better health outcomes

FloGO Products is an independently-owned UK-based technology innovation company created to identify and overcome healthcare challenges using simple, cost-effective innovations to improve health outcomes.

Where it all began

Lisa Malyon invented the FloGO after identifying the inefficiencies with the existing methods and products on the market.

As the daughter of a nurse and a plumber, Lisa knew there was a better, and simpler way.  

Scenario 1 - Pre-continent or ‘nappy wearing’ patients 

As the mother of three young children, Lisa found herself bed-blocking in a busy paediatric A&E - on more than one occasion - while attempting to achieve a ‘clean catch’ urine sample by chasing an energetic toddler around a cubicle with a bowl - a requirement for most children before being discharged. 

Scenario 2 - Incontinence 


Lisa watched a family member with progressed dementia suffer with several urinary tract infections that couldn’t be properly diagnosed and treated due to the difficulties associated with achieving a urine sample from someone who is doubly incontinent. 

“During my childhood I spent time with my Dad on plumbing jobs and loved the simplicity of making a system that worked. Meanwhile, I would hear my Mum talk about the challenges that nurses face and the inefficiencies in healthcare. I’m thankful to them both for their insight, encouragement and support. Named after my daughter, Florence, the FloGO is a family affair.” 

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Meet The Team

Our advisory board.

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What the experts say


Dr Gero Baiarda, GP

"Achieving uncontaminated urine samples in precontinent and incontinent patients is notoriously diffcult in a practice setting. Prescribing antibiotics as a fail safe is often the only choice in this situation.
"We look forward to using the FloGO in our practice."

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